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Use this form to change overdraft program preferences on your personal checking accounts.

  • Remove all overdraft protection will remove your overdraft limit. We will decline debit card transactions that may overdraw your account and return checks or other debits that may overdraw your account. There is no fee for a declined debit card transaction however there may be a NSF fee when checks or other debits are presented that would overdraw your account.
  • Basic Overdraft Coverage will pay checks you write and automatic recurring payments deducted from your account into a negative balance. Basic Overdraft Coverage will not pay debit card or ATM transactions when they would overdraw your account. An overdraft fee will apply when checks or automatic recurring payments cause an overdraft on your account.
  • Extended Overdraft Coverage will pay everything covered by Basic Overdraft Coverage plus ATM and debit card purchases. An overdraft fee may apply for each item on your account causing an overdraft.
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